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Terms for the reservation and purchase of tickets in the pre-sales reservation system www.dmd-ticket.eu

- The system www.dmd-ticket.eu offers and provides the reservation and sale of tickets for regular bus lines of transport companies in a pre-sales period defined by them.D.M.D.-GROUP spol. s.r.o. is the system operator, IČO: 26475600, company headquarters: ul. Jeremenkova 1171/102, 140 00 Praha 4 - Podolí, place of sale: ul.Sokolovská 32/22, 186 00 Praha 8 - Karlin 186, tel: +420 777 300 214, hotline:+420 777 750 214 (hereinafter the "Operator").

- The Ordering party, or Purchaser, is a person who reserves or buys a ticket through the application www.dmd-ticket.eu in person, by phone, fax or via email. The Ordering party, or Purchaser, may not be the actual traveller. That is why the operator distinguishes this information.

- The reservation and purchase of tickets on the pre-sale portal www.dmd-ticket.eu can be done without prior registration.

- A reservation is a free, non-binding and temporary blocking of a ticket for its later purchase. The reservation is carried out by the customer from the possible connections offered by the system after the customer fills out information on the boarding and destination stop and the departure date.

- After handling the reservation, the operator confirms by email that the reservation has been made for the clientand informs the customer about the final price of the ticket and the date by which it is possible to purchase the reserved ticket.The operator shall determine the validity period of the reservation according to the date of departure and the availability of the connection.If possible, the operator shall adjust the duration of the reservation according to the requirements of the purchaser.

- Reserved tickets can be purchased during the opening hours of the office D.M.D.-GROUP spol. s.r.o.(Ul.Sokolovská32/22, 186 00 Praha 8 - Karlin 186) by bank transfer or online credit card payment. The bank account number of the operator is 7605133/5500 - Raiffeisenbank (the costumer can make a payment by bank transfer or in cash at the cashier of the bank).

- If the carrier enables you to purchase e-tickets for a given line, reservations can be purchased online as an e-ticket with a cashless payment.The customer receives the e-ticket by e-mail.

Purchasing tickets
- during a reservation or purchase, the customer enters the required number of tickets, including specific discounts. If the carrier requires the name of the passenger, you must enter the name of a particular passenger, or other required data (e.g. date of birth). It is also necessary to enter the e-mail address to which the confirmation of reservation will be sent and where the e-ticket will be delivered in case of purchasing an e-ticket.

- The operator will in no way come into contact with the sensitive credit card data of the customer, especially not the credit card number, name of the card holder and the validity period of the card.

- After successful payment, the operator will issue an e-ticket and send it to the client by e-mail.

- The operator shall send the e-ticket file to the customer by e-mail to the address provided by the customer when reserving / purchasing the ticket.The customer can view and print this file.

- Without submitting a printed e-ticket and a document confirming the right to a discount if asked, the passenger will not be allowed entry into the bus and the e-ticket will be forfeited without compensation. If the carrier does not require printing the e-ticket, you just need to show the code of the e-ticket.The customer is notified about this in the email with the e-ticket.

- In the event that the carrier does not offer e-tickets for the given line, the operator shall send a standard paper ticket byregistered mail. All costs for delivering tickets by registered mail within the Czech Republic are covered by the operator.

- A paid ticket will be sent no later than the next business day after the receipt of payment for the ticket on the account of the operator.

Passenger data
On some lines, the carriers require passenger data, e.g. name and surname and date of birth.In this case, this data is required, stated on the tickets and the tickets are non-transferable.
- When selecting a line, the customer is informed about valid discounts for the given line. The passenger must demonstrate entitlement to a discount on request when boarding a bus. When wrongly claiming discounted fares, the fare will be recovered from the passenger in the correct amount before boarding, or the passenger may be excluded from carriage without compensation.

The line is at capacity
- In exceptional cases, it may happen that the ordered line is at full capacity. In this case, the operator does not confirm the order and offers the purchaser an alternative line by the next working day. After its approval by the purchaser, the order of such a ticket is immediately implemented with standard procedure.

- If the orderedticket to a line at full capacity was settled with an online payment or by bank transfer and the purchaser does not agree to an alternative line, the operator will transfer theentire amountback to the purchaser by the next working day without any surcharges.

The liability of the operator
- the operator is not liable for carriers whose liability is governed by the applicable transportation schedules and terms and conditions of carriage. The operator does not assumeliability of carriers arising from their transport regulations, namely damages resulting from delays or missedsubsequent lines or services, the cancellation of lines by the carrier and the non-realization of a line due to a force majeure. The operator is not liable for any damages incurred to the purchaser by a failure to accept tickets or e-tickets in a timely manner.

- The operator is obliged to protect any personal information about the customer, under no circumstances disclose it to third parties and never abuse the contact details of the customer.

Liability of the customer
- when purchasing a ticket or e-ticket, the customer is required to check (before sending a ticket reservation / order) all information, namely the route, departure date, chosen line, the passenger's name, price or selected discounts, and the e-mail address for the receipt of the reservation/ order confirmation or e-tickets.

- When picking up reserved tickets in the sales office of D.M.D.-GROUP spol. s.r.o., the customer must check all data on the ticket immediately after receipt, and in case of any irregularities, immediately (within 15 minutes) request a cancellation or that a change be made to the ticket at the place of purchase after its receipt.

- If the cutomer receives an e-ticket by e-mail or paper tickets by registered mail, the cutomer is obliged to immediately check whether all information stated on the ticket is in accordance with the order.If any of the data on the ticket is not consistent with the given order, the customer shall notify the operatorin person, by telephone, fax or via emailby the next working day and return the ticket by registered mail or in person, based on the instructions of the operator.In case of a justified claim, the operator shall compensate the purchaser the full cost of the registered mail, and send a new ticket in accordance with the original order immediately after the delivery of the claimed ticket. The purchaser must return the claimed ticket undamaged, not rewritten, without any crossed-out information and with all its coupons. If this is not met, the claim can not be recognized.

- The purchaser is obliged to respect the timetables and transport rules of the relevant carrier, whereby the purchaser expresses consent with the wording thereof by ordering / purchasing a ticket.

Cancellation of tickets and e-tickets
- When cancelling a received ticket, the purchaser delivers the ticket to the operator (by mail or in person) at their own expense, who in accordance with the cancellation policy of the carrier, performs a cancellation of the ticket (the date of the receipt of the ticket by the operator is considered to be the decisive day for cancellation, unless otherwise agreed over the phone or via e-mail). After deducting the appropriate cancellation fee, the remaining amount will be sent back to the purchaser within 3 days, or the purchaser will be refund in person.

- Reimbursement for an e-ticket paid online by credit card will be transferred to the account of the customer from which the payment was made.

Ticket and e-ticket complaints
- The carrier is liable for the transport process.The passenger is not entitled to compensation for any damage caused by the delay or cancellation of the line.However, if the passenger did not use a ticket or e-ticket due to the fact that the corresponding line was cancelled, the fare will be refunded in full.

- The customer must request this compensation from the operator in person, via mail or over the phone and must show, resp. attach, the claimed ticket or e-ticket.The operator is obliged to confirm all such received complaints within five working days. If the customer does not receive a confirmation during this period, it is necessary to repeat the claim request. In exceptional cases, the customer may send the complaint and e-ticket to the address of the operator by registered mail.

- The operator shall verify the claim with the carrier, and if its legitimacy is confirmed, the operator shall send a refund for the fare to the account from which the payment was made or refund the purchaser in person. The customer will be notified about the outcome of the complaint handling procedure .

Obligations of the customer
- Every passenger is personally responsible for compliance with the passport and customs regulations of the countries to which the passenger is travelling or through which the passenger is passing.The passenger shall bear any costs incurred by failure to comply with these regulations. In the event that customs or police authorities do not allow the passenger to continue in the journey, the passenger is not entitled to a fare refund, not even a part thereof (or other compensation).


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