Frequently asked questions

1. Is there room for luggage on buses?

 So of course in the luggage compartment

2. Do I need to pay extra for a second suitcase?

On the bus routes of our company it is allowed to carry three pieces of luggage

- hand luggage in the cabin of the bus up to 5 kg

-2 pieces of luggage, each of which does not exceed 25 kg in the luggage compartment

-carriage of additional luggage or large luggage only if there is free space in the luggage compartment and by prior arrangement with the carrier.

- Wheelchairs and baby carriages are free of charge and are not included in the luggage items listed above.

3. Is it possible to travel with animals?

Transportation of animals on our company's routes is prohibited

4. Do I need to print tickets?

Tickets do not need to be printed. An electronic version of the ticket with a QR code is enough.

5. Do I have to pay for the child's travel?

Yes, children under the age of 12 (inclusive) are transported for a fee of 50% of the ticket price. Each child has a separate seat

6. Do I have to pay for the travel of an older person?

Yes, a discount for the elderly after 60 years-10%. The presence of a pension is not required. The discount is provided based on age data from an identity document.

7. Can I return the ticket?

Return of the ticket is possible and depends on the method of purchase.

8. How to reimburse funds?

A ticket purchased in the classic way at the box office can be returned only at the point of ticket purchase. If the ticket is purchased on the site, you need to request a return to the e-mail address - technical support of the site, which is listed on the site where the ticket was purchased, as passengers can buy tickets not only on our site but also on the sites of our partners who sell tickets for our routes. Therefore, if you buy a ticket from an agent or partner, you need to go there, not to the carrier. Since the funds for this ticket are with the partner / agent.

9. Is it possible to pay for a ticket on the spot by booking in advance?

So the ticket can be paid for boarding the bus by pre-booking a seat by phone

10. I have complaints about the trip. Where to go?

To begin, you need to read the rules of transportation, which are posted on the site. Most of the answers to your questions are there. Or write an e-mail to the e-mail: Complaints are considered only in writing if you have a copy of the ticket, a copy of the document to whom the ticket belongs and a description of the situation in Czech including the date of travel and ticket number. Term of consideration according to the legal norms of the Czech Republic. If the application is unclear or unclear, it will not be considered.

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