If you need European insurance - contact us. We will help you choose a variant that will suit you financially and will meet the conditions you need in accordance with your purpose of stay in the Czech Republic or the EU. Before making any trip or stay in a country other than your country of origin, we recommend that you take out emergency medical insurance. Be healthy and take care of yourself!

Information on life and health insurance can be found at our points of sale or on contact telephone numbers.


Questions and answers

1. How to choose an insurance package for your needs?

Contact one of our offices. It all depends on the purpose of your trip or the purpose of your stay in the Czech Republic

2. Where can I get an insurance policy?

- in our offices

- by e-mail

- regular mail with place of residence

3. What do you need to take out travel insurance online?

Passport data and place of residence data

4. When and why to take out insurance?

 All foreigners staying in the Czech Republic must be insured.

-If you live in the Czech Republic, come here for tourism or to visit the entire period of your stay in the Czech Republic must be insured.

- upon receipt of documents for entry into the Czech Republic (visa)

5. Who to contact in case of an insured event?

Your insurance company has an emergency telephone number to contact, usually the call center of the insurance company, where several languages ​​are spoken.

6. Does the insurance cover medical expenses related to COVID-19?

This factor must be voiced when drawing up an insurance policy. In such cases, the amount to be paid for insurance will be higher. Or you can buy insurance intended only in case of COVID-19 abroad.

7. How long is medical insurance for travel abroad?

Minimum insurance of 10 days when leaving Ukraine

Minimum insurance for 1 month when applying for a Czech insurance policy in the Czech Republic

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