Money transfers

Transferring funds for your relatives and friends is even easier. You can do it at our sales points:

  • Prague, bus station Florenc box office 18 and 14 (new check-in hall)
    daily 08: 00-20: 00
  • Liberec, ul.1.Máje 363_ international box office (opposite the bus station)
    daily 9: 00–18: 00
  • Brno, bus station Zvonařka
    daily 09:00 - 20:00


The funds are transferred with the help of our partners BestPay, an English brand that cooperates with the Czech National Bank on the basis of a license.

What do you need for money transfer?

To make a transfer, you need to present proof of your identity (passport, refugee status or a valid visa), information on the recipient (name and surname, telephone number and method of collection: at a bank branch or credit card transfer). We accept Czech crowns and euros for transport. Instead, you can get a transfer in euros or dollars.

Fee for transferring money from 2% of the transfer amount. The transfer is immediate.


Is it possible to return a money transfer?

The money transfer can only be returned if the recipient for some reason could not accept the money transfer and it was not paid. For a refund, the sender must present proof of identity with a check receipt and provide the operator with a money transfer number. Refunds are paid minus the commission for sending the transfer.

Questions and answers

1. Why was my payment not made?

In 99% of cases, this is incorrectly provided information about the recipient. To avoid this situation, you must correctly indicate the name and surname of the recipient, date of birth and contact phone number. If it is a transfer to a bank card - card number.

2. How long does it take to process my transfer?

Money transfer is credited instantly. If your transfer is not received immediately - the delay may be only for technical reasons of the recipient's banking system.

3. How can I get a transfer?

When receiving a transfer at a bank branch, you need to have an identity document (passport) and a transfer code, which comes automatically by SMS to the recipient's phone number. This code is also provided to the sender.

4. Why did the recipient not receive the money?

- The recipient did not present proof of identity

- incorrectly entered the code to receive

- technical problems of the recipient's bank

5. I want to cancel my transfer. It is possible? What do you need for this?

It is not possible to cancel a transfer sent to a card number

If a transfer is made to receive funds at a bank branch, it is possible to cancel it, but the commission for the transfer is withheld.

6. How long is the refund after the cancellation of the transfer?

It all depends on the reason for cancellation and refund by the recipient. Usually up to 15 minutes

7. Can I pay for the transfer by card? Or just cash?

Transfers cannot be paid by card. Only cash is accepted in the branches.

8. Which countries can be transferred?

Money transfers can be made to any country in the world.

If you have further questions, call +420777300214

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