Instructions for buying a ticket


Making an order

1. How to place an order?

In the search form you need to register:

city ​​of departure;

city ​​of arrival;

date of trip;

click the "search" button.

Then from the offered options to pick up suitable for you, having pressed the button "to choose", to specify quantity of places and to fill in the necessary information (name, surname of the passenger / s, contact phone number, e-mail address, if necessary type of the travel document, its number, date birth, citizenship and sex);

After clicking the "Go to payment" button, the screen will display the number of your order and redirect to the payment page. An email with additional information about the order will also be sent to the specified e-mail.

After successful payment and receipt of funds, the system will automatically send you a ticket in .pdf format to the e-mail specified by you.

2. Why indicate your phone number and e-mail when booking tickets?

This information is requested for the possibility of sending you the ticket itself, as well as for timely contact with the passenger, in case of any changes on the flight.


Purchase tickets

1. How to pay for the order?

After booking, the screen will display information about the order and the ability to pay by bank card. Depending on the currency you choose, you will be provided with different payment systems.

2. If you do not have a bank card, how to pay for the order?

You can pay for the order in cash:

- in our offices in Ukraine and in the Czech Republic (see section "Contacts")

- money transfer in Czech crowns to the bank account: 115-2032240227 / 0100. At the same time it is necessary to enter a variable symbol number of your order (for specification address to the operator)

-when boarding the bus to the driver or dispatcher in cash. Czech crowns are accepted for payment in the Czech Republic. Ukrainian hryvnias are accepted for payment in Ukraine. Payment by bank card when boarding the bus is not accepted.

3. No payment. What shall I do?

There can be several reasons for unsuccessful payment:

- insufficient funds on the card;

- the Internet payment service is not activated on the card;

- the payment limit on the Internet has been exceeded;

- the possibility of international payments is not activated on the card;

We recommend that you contact your bank to resolve the issue. After contacting the bank, try to pay again.

4. The order is paid, but there is no ticket. Why?

- After successful payment, we recommend that you check the e-mail that was specified when booking, it sends a letter with a ticket attached;

- view the "spam" folder;

- check the correctness of the e-mail address specified in the reservation;

- If you still do not have a ticket - contact our support service.

5. Do I need to print a ticket?

You do not need to print the ticket. To board the bus, simply present an electronic version of the ticket on your smartphone or other electronic device. The last name and first name on the ticket must match the last name and first name indicated on your passport. If the passenger refuses to present a document to identify his person, which corresponds to the presented ticket - the carrier reserves the right to refuse to carry such a passenger without compensation for the ticket.

6. The ticket does not indicate the number of seats on the bus

If the ticket does not indicate the seat number, it means that the seat will be determined by the driver or flight attendant when boarding the vehicle.

7. If you made mistakes in the name of the passenger when ordering

If you make a mistake, contact our support center immediately by calling the call center. The name and surname in the ticket must correspond to the data entered in the passport.

8. How to change the date of travel in the ticket?

To change the departure date on the ticket, you need to call support. Changing the date of departure is possible free of charge once. In case you need to change your travel date 2 or more times - the service is paid and pays 15% of the ticket price. It is not possible to change the date of travel on the day of departure. A reissued ticket with a changed departure date will be emailed to you.


Return of tickets

1. Why was my booking canceled?

Booking on the site is canceled automatically after its expiration in case of no payment. The passenger is given 30 minutes to make the payment.

2. What are the conditions for returning the ticket?

- more than 24 hours before the departure of the bus 20% of the ticket price is deducted, 80% of the ticket price is refunded

-12 hours before the departure of the bus is deducted 50% of the ticket price, 50% of the ticket price is refunded

- less than 12 hours before the departure of the bus and on the day of departure the ticket price is not refundable

3. What are the terms of refund for the ticket?

Refunds for tickets purchased on the site are made within 30 working days Send a request for a refund to our e-mail address (see section "Contacts")

If you bought a ticket from our agent or representative - you need to go exactly where the ticket was purchased, as your money for the ticket is with him, not with the carrier. The carrier refunds only for tickets purchased at its points of sale (see section "Contacts"), as well as on the website

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