Document translations

We offer translations of various types:

  • Documents and texts from Ukrainian, Russian into Czech and vice versa
  • Documents for the Visa Center and the Consulate of the Czech Republic in Ukraine are notarized in the Czech Republic.

The cost of translations depends on the volume and complexity of the text. To specify the price of the translation, you can send your documents to the e-mail address or visit them in person at one of our branches:

  • Prague, bus station Florenc cashdesk office 18 and 14 (new check-in hall)
    daily 08: 00-20: 00
  • Liberec, ul.1.Máje 363_ international cashdesk office (opposite bus station)
    daily 9: 00–18: 00
  • Brno, bus station Zvonařka
    daily 09:00 - 20:00

Warning! We do not translate medical documents.

Questions and answers

1. What translations do you do?

Notarized translations according to Czech law

2. Do you need a material version of the document? Is there enough scan?

To certify a copy of the document in the relevant authorities requires the original document physically. Scanning is not enough.

3. If I lost the original, can I translate from a copy?

Only if the copy is notarized or by Czech post office. You can make a translation from a regular copy, but it will be invalid in Czech government agencies

4. Under what conditions do you perform urgent translation?

Urgent translation is possible only if the translator is busy and at a higher rate.

5. Do I have to pick up my translation myself? Can anyone else do it?

Your translation can be picked up by another person with a payment receipt

6. Can you only edit ready-made, translated text?

We do not certify translations of other translators as this is a legal responsibility. We also do not edit other people's texts.

7. The size of my information for translation takes one page. Why is the translation cost two pages?

The cost of translation is calculated not by the volume of the page, but by the number of characters in the document. In translations, there is the concept of a norm page, which contains 1800 characters with spaces.

8. I urgently need to translate an important document for today. How long will it take you to do this?

It all depends on the complexity and amount of information in the document

9. What are the deadlines for translation?

1-2 working days.

10. How do you determine the cost of translation?

Tariffing for 1 standard page is determined by a special program that counts the number of characters.

11. Can I notarize a handwritten document?


12. Why was the translation of my document not notarized?

When ordering, you need to specify which translation you need - regular or notarized

13. Is it possible to pay for the translation after it is done?


14. What are the payment options for translation?

- To the current account of D.M.D.-Group

115-2032240227 / 0100

- Cash in one of our offices

The translation time depends on the complexity of the text. Documents are not translated immediately because all translations are notarized.

Details by phone:





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