About us

About us

Our company was founded in 2001 and since its inception its main goal has been to provide quality services in the field of international scheduled bus passenger transport. The idea to create our company came to its CEO and owner Dmitry Maskalyuk due to the high demand for passenger transport in the direction Ukraine-Czech Republic. At present, the horizons and geography of society have greatly expanded due to the demand for services that foreigners need for a comfortable life in the Czech Republic. Our company's fleet undergoes the necessary technical inspections for safe driving, which we provide for the European market. We also emphasize the renewal of the bus fleet as a basis and guarantee of comfortable international passenger transport.

To automate the purchase of tickets and save time for our potential customers, we offer to use the online ticket purchase service on our website. To do this, you must be a bank card holder and have 2-3 minutes of free time. If you need other services that are popular among our potential customers, such as the translation of documents or the issuance of a certificate of integrity from Ukraine, money transfer, etc. - we will help you with these problems.

We invite you to an interesting journey through European cities with our company!

In addition to the sale of bus tickets, D.M.D. - Group offers:

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