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Rules for the sale of tickets, the carriage of passengers and luggage

on DMD GROUP's international routes

These rules include provisions governed by the parent company of  DMD Group when operating regular international routes. The rules describe the conditions for the sale and return of tickets, the carriage of passengers and luggage, the duties and responsibilities of passengers and carriers:

1. The common part

1.1. In front of the bus departing on an international route, there is a sign with the name of the route, which lists the names of the final stops and all intermediate stations in Ukrainian and Latin.

1.2. The passenger must arrive at the bus departure platform no later than 20 minutes before the time indicated on the ticket.

1.3. When the bus arrives at the departure platform, the passenger must register his ticket with the driver responsible for the sale of the bus tickets. When registering a passenger ticket, his / her seat on the bus is indicated. The passenger must keep all ticket coupons until the end of the trip and show them to the crew or to the person in charge upon request. Ticket vouchers are only allowed to tear off ticket staff.

1.4. Carrier's rights, duties and responsibilities.

1.4.1. The carrier operates international routes according to the current schedule. Schedule, prices, discounts, etc. may change, but only valid information is shown on the ticket. The company is not responsible for any deviations from the official timetables, which are related to the procedures of crossing state borders, natural, road or other conditions that the company cannot control.

1.4.2. Bus stops are in public places, so they can be moved at the behest of authorities. Before each trip, the passenger must check the place of departure and arrival of the bus.

1.4.3. The enterprise is responsible for the safety of the carriage of the passenger, the luggage from the moment of loading it into the bus until the passenger leaves the bus, except in cases where damage was caused by the fault of the passenger, due to the specifics of the luggage or its packaging. Luggage security is guaranteed by a certain amount of money, which is set by the partners in the route parity agreements.

1.5. The rights, duties and responsibilities of passengers in shuttle buses.

1.5.1. The passengers themselves are responsible for all the personal documents they need on the trip, as well as for their compliance with the formalities of government. If a passenger with government officials has problems related to individual visas, travel documents, insurance, money, personal effects, etc., then the bus crew has the right to disembark the passenger and leave him or her at the border checkpoint according to the requirements of the officials of that country. In this case, the money for the passenger ticket is not refunded. The traveler can find out about the formalities of the trip at the embassy or representative offices of those countries where the route passes. Information about which country crosses the selected route can be obtained at the agency where he or she purchases the ticket at will.

1.5.2. The carrier is not responsible to the passenger for the correctness of the registration and the presence of documents that entitle the passenger to cross the borders of the countries of the route. In the absence of the necessary documents from the Passenger for the right of border crossing, violation of customs rules, etc., the Passenger shall compensate the Carrier for any losses related to the absence of such documents and violation of customs rules, including but not limited to, penalties from the control authorities of both Ukrainian and other countries imposed on the Carrier , penalties, idle costs, financial requirements of other passengers on the relevant flight, costs of providing legal assistance to the Carrier, etc.

1.5.3. When performing international passenger transportation, the carrier is obliged to check before the commencement of such transportation the presence, but not the authenticity, of the documents required for entry to the countries of destination, states on the route of departure, and to refuse the transportation to passengers who do not require it showed the necessary documents. Passenger during international transportation, is obliged to have duly executed documents necessary for entry to the countries of departure, states on the route of departure, and to present them to the carrier at his request. Refusal of the carrier, in the international carriage of the passenger, who, at the request of the carrier, did not show the documents required for entry into the country of destination, the country of the route of route, does not entail the obligation of the carrier, to compensate the passengers caused in this connection losses.

1.5.4. Children under 14 may only accompany an adult. Passengers under the age of 14 may not sit in seats 1, 2, 3, 4.

1.5.5. The passenger is responsible for the damage that he or his things will cause to others, their belongings or the bus.

1.5.6. The bus crew or company is not responsible for items that are easily broken, broken or easily damaged. If the passenger is about to carry such items, he or she must understand that the luggage in the luggage compartment of the bus is loaded with layers, one luggage to another. It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure that his or her luggage is properly packed in the conditions of transportation in the baggage compartment of the bus.

1.5.7. The bus is forbidden to smoke including electronic cigarettes, to drink alcoholic and stupid drinks, to make noise, to use recorders, radios, musical and other sound instruments. Drunk passengers are not allowed on the bus to travel according to the route. Passengers who do not comply with the rules of carriage of passengers and public order are warned once. If the passenger repeatedly violates the rules, they will land him at the nearest stop or at a public oversight institution. This event is recorded by drawing up an act of law enforcement authorities of the country in which the bus and passenger are located.

1.5.8. When traveling on the bus, passengers should be wearing seat belts.

1.5.9. The carrier is not responsible for the delay in traffic and the untimely arrival at the stations of the crossing, if caused by independent circumstances (including delays in crossing borders, weather conditions, traffic jams, actions of public authorities, repair works on roads, etc. ., the actions of the passengers themselves, who influenced the fulfillment of these circumstances) and other reasons (technical problems that occurred with the bus while traveling, which could not be prevented by the carrier company, despite all the persons of the reservation).

1.5.10 The bus timetable does not provide time for registration of Tax Free.

1.5.11 The carrier is entitled to changes in the timetable, use of additional buses and replacement of the seat. the passenger on the bus without the prior consent and notification of the passenger.

1.6 The carrier is entitled to:

• limit or suspend transportation in the event of a disaster, epidemic, epizootic, or other emergency;

• stop the movement of the vehicle (bus) in the event of a threat to the life and health of passengers;

1.6.1 All passenger complaints regarding the passenger service on the flight are considered for consideration if they are stated in a written statement and sent to the legal address of the carrier within 1 month from the date of departure or flight. Each ticket must be accompanied by a ticket or a photocopy of it, as well as any invoices documenting the costs that may have been incurred by the passenger in connection with the claim.

1.6.2 The time allowed to respond to complaints, complaints and claims related to the performance of the contract of carriage shall be no more than 30 days from the date of receipt of the complaint. If the complaints are forwarded to foreign partner companies, the waiting period for the response may be extended up to 60 days.

2. Ticket sales

2.1. Documents that entitle you to travel on the route and to carry luggage in the amount stipulated in these rules are numbered registered tickets. Since the ticket is registered, another person cannot use it for the trip.

2.2. One ticket entitles one passenger (whose name is on the ticket) to take one seat on the bus.

2.3. The ticket must indicate: passenger's name, departure and arrival stations, departure date, time, fare, discount applicable, and for what reason the discount is given, passenger's telephone number. The price must comply with the approved tariffs and the rules for their application. The ticket is valid only for the day, time and flight for which it is sold.

2.4. The passenger is obliged to keep the ticket throughout the trip and even after the trip. If a passenger addresses an undertaking with a statement, claim related to a particular trip, etc., then the passenger must also attach a passenger coupon to his request, which is a document indicating where and on which route ticket sold.

2.5. You can sell the ticket:

2.5.1. On a one-way trip with a specific date.

2.5.2. On a round trip with specific dates.

2.6. A ticket with corrections (ie corrected last name, passenger name, ticket number, price, discount, trip itinerary) is not valid.

2.7. The date of departure of the sold ticket is not allowed. If the passenger wants to change the date of departure. He must complete the return of the ticket in accordance with the Rules for the return of tickets and redeem a new ticket on the date which is suitable for the passenger.

2.8. Tickets that have been sold for shares or other tickets that have been sold at a discounted price are subject to restrictions on return and change of date.

2.9. The ticket can be booked in advance, but not earlier than 6 months before departure.

2.10. If a ticket for a trip with a transfer is sold, then several tickets are sold, depending on which routes to the final destination the passenger will travel. Each ticket is intended to travel on one route, ie each passenger must have a separate ticket. The procedure for selling tickets for a trip with a change is described along with the itinerary.

2.11. Food, hotel and other travel expenses are not included in the ticket price.

2.12. The booking agency is responsible for the booking of the trip indicated on the ticket. The specific seat of the passenger is indicated only after he / she registers the bus ticket with the tour guide or the driver responsible for registering the bus tickets.

2.13. The carrier has the right to set different ticket prices when purchasing tickets via the Internet, at bus stations, at the customer service office, on buses.

3. Return of ticket

3.1. The passenger may only return the ticket at the agency where the ticket was purchased. If the passenger is unable to do so, the ticket may be returned by another person who has a written power of attorney. When returning a ticket, all unused coupons and a cash check must be provided if the sale was made through a cash register.

3.2 If you have a round trip ticket, you can only return a return ticket if you have used a round trip ticket.

3.3. Ticket return fee.

3.3.1. The passenger can make a return ticket without a fee 30 minutes from the moment of the purchase of the ticket, provided that it does not take place on the day of departure of the bus.

3.3.2 The passenger may return the ticket

- more than 24 hours before departure of the bus and 48 hours before departure of the bus with 20% commission, 80% of the ticket price will be returned to the passenger

-12 hours before the departure of the bus with a commission of 50%, 50% of the ticket price will be returned to the passenger

- less than 12 hours before the departure of the bus, the return ticket is not possible.

3.4 After the date of departure indicated on the ticket, the money for the ticket shall not be refunded, except in the case of illness or accident. In these cases, no later than 7 days after the departure of the bus, the passenger must submit an application and submit official documents confirming the valid reason, and then consideration will be given to the refund or part of the ticket.

3.5. For tickets that are lost, stolen or spoiled, as well as in the case of passenger disembarkation, no money will be refunded, no duplicate tickets will be issued.

3.6. If the trip is canceled due to the carrier's fault, the passenger will be compensated for the unused ticket price.

3.7. The aforementioned ticket acceptance provisions do not apply to tickets that have been purchased at a special discount or to which special conditions of sale have been applied.

3.8. The carrier is responsible for the accident on the trip. The ticket seller is not directly liable for any damage caused by the carrier's fault.

4. Discounts

The following discounts are applied on the international routes of the carrier: for persons aged 60 and over - 10%, for children aged 0-12 years - 50%.

5. Luggage

5.1. Luggage other than hand luggage can only be carried in the luggage compartment of the bus.

5.2. After the bus arrives at the departure point, passengers must register their tickets with the driver. During check-in, passengers are introduced to the rules of baggage transportation and are charged for extra luggage.

5.3. Luggage sizes and charges.

5.3.1. Each passenger has the right to carry one hand luggage (up to 5 kg) in the cabin free of charge, which is placed in places specially equipped for this purpose. The passenger's hand luggage must be packed so as not to disturb the passengers and the crew of the bus.

5.3.2. Each passenger has the right to transport free of charge in the luggage compartment of the bus 1 luggage space The height, width and length of each luggage must not exceed 180 cm and the weight must be no more than 25 kg.

5.3.3. If the size of the luggage exceeds the size specified in paragraph 5.3.2, then the luggage shall be paid as follows: a) if it is a suitcase, a travel bag, etc., then it is considered that the passenger in the luggage compartment of the bus carries extra luggage and he is accordingly charged an additional fee in accordance with the conditions of carriage of additional luggage; b) if it is a package (in which household appliances or other goods are transported), then such baggage shall be charged for the full cost of the ticket in the baggage route.

5.3.4. Additional luggage belonging to the same passenger (third, fourth, etc., excluding carry-on luggage) not exceeding the dimensions specified in paragraph 5.3.2. in case, after all passengers are boarded and all their luggage is loaded, there is space left in the luggage compartment of the bus.

5.3.5. The passenger must pay a fixed fee for the transportation of each additional luggage. Baggage is charged at check-in on the bus ticket.

5.3.6. Liability of the Carrier for Passenger Luggage: (a) The passenger shall be liable for the manual luggage; b) for the luggage of passengers carried by the carrier in the luggage compartment of the bus, the carrier is responsible) in the event that the luggage is lost or damaged, the passenger must inform the driver immediately and within a week inform the organization which sold the ticket, or directly to the carrier; the claim will only be accepted if a road ticket is retained

5.4. Prohibitions and other conditions.

5.4.1. The bus is prohibited from transporting radioactive, flammable, explosive, stinking, caustic substances, compressed or liquefied gas, sharp, cutting objects, objects that may contaminate the bus or passenger compartment, objects, importation or exportation of which is prohibited in accordance with legal requirements. over whose territory the route runs.

5.4.2. Things that have been forgotten on the bus are stored with the carrier for one month. When a passenger arrives to pick up forgotten luggage or belongings, he or she must present a personal document, submit an application in the prescribed form, pay for the storage of luggage at current rates. A month later the luggage is written off in due course.

5.4.3. It is prohibited to transport animals on the bus.

5.4.4. Small sports, work or other equipment may be transported (only if there is free space in the luggage compartment of the bus) only if it is properly packed.

5.4.5 The carrier is responsible for lost or damaged luggage in the luggage compartment of the bus only if it was the fault of the carrier, which was proved by the passenger, but not more than $ 100 per person, provided the application is made no later than 10 days after the departure of the bus. .

5.4.6. A passenger who, during the peak season (June-August, during New Year's holidays from 15.12-15.01 and two weeks before Easter), has excess baggage that cannot be placed in the luggage compartment of the bus, refuses to go, loses the right to refund the ticket.

5.4.7 The bus service staff is entitled to require the passenger to show the contents of the luggage in case of doubt, as well as to ensure the safety of the trip and to comply with customs regulations. If the passenger refuses to fulfill this requirement, the bus staff has the right to refuse the passenger transportation of suspicious luggage.

5.4.8 The Carrier shall not be responsible for the storage of items and baggage which have been forgotten on the bus.


General director D.M.D.-Group spol. s r.o.

                                                                               Dmytro Maskalyuk


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